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Product Name: 2''-Hydroxyacetophenone
CAS No: 118-93-4
Product Type: Chemical Reagent -> Others
Product spec: 99%
Post Time: 2022-03-26
Usage: Used in the manufacture of cholagogue and other synthetic organic materials.
Description: 2''-Hydroxyacetophenone Alternative name: 1-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-ethanon;2’-hydroxy-acetophenon;2-hydroxyacetylbenzene;Acetophenone, o-hydroxy-;Ethanone,1-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-;o-Acetylphenol;o-hydroxy-acetophenon;o-Hydroxyphenyl methyl ketone cas no.: 118-93-4 Purity:99%min Appearance:: straw yellow liquid M.P: 3-6 °C(lit.) B.P: 213 °C717 mm Hg(lit.) F.P: >230 °F Density1.131 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Molecular formula: C8H8O2 Molecular weight:136.15 EINECS: 204-288-0 PACKAGE:200KGS/DRUM
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